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Barely Evil Magazine Now Accepts Visa and MasterCard

Whoo-hoo! I’m relieved to report that, for both the digital and print editions of the mag, as of 6:13pm Pacific time today, Barely Evil Magazine can now accept both Visa and MasterCard, as well as Discover and a variety of crytocurrencies and European debit options and, for print only, also PayPal.

The credit card company initially thought the text in general and Richard Kadrey’s writing in particular would bring about the end times, but they have now officially accepted that maybe it won’t. Irony of this happening on the same day as the eclipse…

It is nuts how much expertise I have to have in complexities of billing systems to continue creating and publishing this type of creative content. Seriously, most people have no idea how challenging it is to do the credit card billing stuff when you want to produce work which includes both human sexuality or nudity AND a social or cultural context or meaningful artistic approach. It is not like there are different escalating tiers which make any sense. Different distribution channels have completely different rules. Which is why it is so rare to see anything erotic in the same place as actual interesting and creative work with high end quality production values.

It is because the distribution comes down to bizarre issues like this one where, for example: (1) Blue Blood can’t accept PayPal for the digital edition of the magazine because this requires special permission (which is very hard to get and comes at a much higher %) because of the nude gothic punk babes. But (2) Blue Blood ran into issues getting the billing people who have no issues processing credit cards for magazine quality nudes because they were not into having that pesky quality fiction in the same place. The initial rejection would have required changes including not publishing fiction by Richard Kadrey. I made all the changes they wanted, except I just couldn’t roll with censoring the text like that. I seriously had to write this big appeal about how the way theyy were interpreting what happens was not the correct literary interpretation and also Richard Kadrey is a New York Times best-selling author so wouldn’t it be crazy to refuse to process because of that blah blah blah. I am so so happy that my appeal went through and they finally agreed. Phew!

Blue Blood pays thousands of dollars a year just to be able to accept credit cards for digital adult products, at all, before we make the first sale, and then we still have to apply every time we have a new product, such as this magazine. In this case, at least we get a happy ending 🙂 Yay!

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